Check all that apply.

Type of bicycle(s) I own:
(__) Road bike
(__) Mountain bike
(__) Hybrid bike
(__) Touring bike
(__) Recumbent
Set up for touring: (__) yes (__) no

Type of riding/why you ride:
(__) Ride for aerobic workout/physical fitness
(__) Ride for competition (racing)
(__) Ride just for fun and enjoyment
(__) Ride to protect environment (“one less car”)
Other: ________________________________________________________________

Average speed for 10-20 mile ride: _________ mph
Average speed for 20-100 mile ride: _________ mph
Longest ride in one day: _________ miles

I am interested in doing these club rides:
(__) Riding after work each evening
(__) Riding Saturday morning rides, if so, how far? _________ miles
(__) Van supported tours (Blue Ridge Parkway, Natchez Trace, New England, etc.)
(__) Self-contained tours (Camping) Inn to Inn (but with no van support)
(__) Mountain biking - forestry roads, with or without camping? _________________
(__) Mountain biking - single track
(__) Beginner to Moderate difficulty bicycle events such as BRAG, Bike Florida, etc.
(__) Tougher bicycle events like Cycle Montana, Northern Lights (Alaska), Blue Ridge Mnts, BRAT, etc.
(__) Long Sunday rides, 50 miles or more
(__) Short Sunday rides, < 50 miles (after church/lunch)
(__) Training for/doing century rides
(__) Weekend or extended weekend road bike trips from Vidalia to Jekyll Island, etc.
(__) Weekend or extended weekend trips starting in car to surrounding states, scenic Georgia areas. Rails to Trails trips, such as Pinellas, St. Marks, W&OD in Virginia!!!
(__) Training for competition, physical challenge

I am a member of:
(__) Adventure Cycling
(__) League of American Bicyclists
(__) Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Other: _______________________________________________________________