History of the Railway

The Georgia & Florida Railway Company was incorporated July 7, 1906 under the laws of the State of Georgia for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad from Augusta, GA to Valdosta, GA. Between 1907 and 1911, the Georgia & Florida Railway Company built 87 miles of line and acquired 231.55 miles of line from 7 predecessor companies. When the building and acquisitions were completed, the line extended in a southwesterly direction from Keysville, GA through Pendleton, GA, Vidalia, GA, Hazlehurst, GA, Douglas, GA Nashville, GA and Valdosta GA to Madison, FL. In June 1918, the Georgia & Florida Railway Company wholly owned 318.56 miles of line.

The 3,527 foot-long Altamaha River bridge was constructed by the New York Bridge Company in 1908. It is a Bascule type, with four trestles and six massive masonry pilings. The bridge is surrounded by the 13,000 acre Bullard Creek Wild Life Management Area.

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