This project needs a champion: someone who will take control of it and bring it to reality.  TRAM is not actively working on this project and it really needs someone to breathe life into it.  If you are up to the challenge, please contact me.


History of the Ga. & Fla. Railway Company

The Old Georgia & Florida Railway Trail

Accomplishments to date

What is planned next?

How can I get involved?

Old G & F Store

Support is growing for this rail-trail project because it:

Aerial view of bridge
river/woods as seen from bridge

The aerial photo shows about 1/3 of this great bridge; the rest disappears into the 13,000 acre Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area. When the river is full, there is water beneath the entire 3,500 foot bridge, as seen in the photo on the right.

This page created February 1998 by Lamar Martin, volunteer secretary for TRAM, using research and excerpts of papers written by David Cheney, president, TRAM Foundation. Last revised January 7, 1999.

Update February 7, 2003:  No one is doing anything with this project, as far as I know.  TRAM gave it up almost 4 years ago.  This project needs someone to do the research to determine if it is still feasible at this point to try and make this the best and longest Rail-Trail east of the Mississippi.  In Vidalia, I know some of the tracks have been taken up, I suspect  illegally, by land owners adjacent to the railroad land.  I know this railroad crosses some of the most beautiful land and goes through some the most scenic and pleasant towns in the United States.  It is a shame to let such an awesome opportunity slip away.  This kind of project takes a certain kind of person, with excellent people skills, powerful conviction and good political skills/connections to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.  That individual is not me, but I will do anything I can to help.  I really don't know much more about the Old Georgia & Florida Railway Trail than what I have included on this web page, but I will be glad to talk to anyone who might want to take up the cause.

I love the Katy Trail in MO, and have made the 700 mile drive to ride it twice, but is nothing compared to what this trail has the potential of becoming.  This could be the most successful rail-trail in the world, of that I am convinced.  The bridge over the Altamaha River could be the longest and most unforgettable trail bridge anywhere, anytime.  Where are you Champion?

email: lamar@letsride.net